About us

Obsession d.o.o. was established in 1991 and is since then taking good care of skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, mountain bike, kite and other alternative sports junkies. Since the very beginning Obsession is providing market with all produscts needed for these sports and activities. Obsession is also organizing events on local scene, supports gifted and top athletes and has an ear for alternative point of view in music and art scene in Slovenia.
For many years we are publishing Pendrek magazine which documents and marks current events in Slovenian alternative sports, art and music. Magazine offers and enables space on its pages for young writers, columnists and photographers to publish their work and view on current events.

From first shop in Ljubljana till this day, when we have branches in almost every city in Slovenia, we are trying to support local scene in cities all over Slovenia. We offer world’s top brands in our segment and also offer after sale activities to our customers. We also aspire to return/invest some of the profits made, back to local communities, athletes, artists and events.

From year 2011 our customers also have the option to shop freely in our internet shop in which we hope they will feel same level of cosines and easiness as they do in our physical shops.

If you need any info or feedback, please don’t hesitate to write us e-mail or contact us via Facebook.

Team Obsession wishes you best!