20% discount on new items above 100€!
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20% discount on new items above 100€!
Summer is here!
Summer is here! Get  20% discount on all new items for purchases above 100€!
Summer is here! Get  20% discount on all new items for purchases above 100€!

General Terms and Conditions

Online shop www.obsession-shop.com (in continuation »online shop«) is run by Obsession d.o.o as e-business provider (in continuation »provider«). General terms and condition enforced by provider are in accordance with Consumer protection law (ZVPot), recommendations of Chamber of commerce and with general International e-commerce codex.

After registering to our internet site, visitor gets user name, identical to his/her e-mail address and password. After registering visitor becomes user and obtains all rights to shop at our online shop.

Provider is obliged to provide customer with following information at all time:

  • Identity of company(name and address of its headquarters, number of registry) and contact information so that fast and reliable communication is assured(e-mail, telephone),
  • Key features of goods and services provided(including after sale activity and warranty information),
  • Availability of goods(each item offered in online shop should be available for shipping in reasonable time),
  • Terms of shipping or service execution(ways of shipping, place and date),
  • Clearly and unambiguously set prices of items and services(shipping costs),
  • Means of payment and shipping,
  • Due date of special offers,
  • Date, in which it is still possible to resign from contract and possible costs that occurs if items are to be returned,
  • Clearly explained process of complaint, including al data about contact person or department of customer relations.

Product range

Due to nature of world wide web business, prices of product range in online shop can be changed daily,. Prices are represented as regular and discounted.

  • Regular prices – are usually recommended retail prices of manufacturers or prices set by distributor.
  • Discounted prices – are prices currently being discounted and are without any value set in advance

Provider keeps the right to change price at his will. Price change is imminent after order is given and doesn’t have any value set in advance. All prices include tax (DDV), unless stated otherwise.

Although data is updated and controlled daily for errors, it can occur that prices stated are wrong due to data entry mistake. In cases like stated above or if the price change occurs during order processing, customer will be offered alternate solution, price, chance to resign from shopping or any other solution which leads to mutual satisfaction.

Obsession reserves the right to withdraw from the sales contract in case text, price or computer errors on the site.

Means of payment

Provider offers following means of payment:

  • cash on delivery
  • transaction directly to Obsession’s d.o.o. bank account
  • credit/debit card – Activia, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron

When paying with credit/debit cards following rules apply:

  • payer (personal information stated in users profile) must be the same person or organization that is also owner of the card,
  • after order is confirmed it is not possible to change order content or final amount paid. Exception are special offers/situation offered by provider.

Provider issues user with invoice on permanent medium, for the time that purchase agreement is stored in electronically form on the server.

Shopping procedure

  1. Order accepted : After order confirmation, customer receives e-mail which contains information about his order being added to waiting line. Detailed information about order status and its content is available to customer at all time on service provider’s web page.
  2. Processing an order : Service provider checks an order, availability of ordered items and confirms or rejects the order. Provider can call customer, to phone number specified, if confirmation of personal or shipping information is needed. When order is confirmed, customer is notified by e-mail, of estimated shipping date. At this stage contract between customer and service provider is irrevocably concluded.
  3. Order completion: Service provider prepares ships and by e-mail notifies customer of his actions in time he specified earlier. Provider also informs customer of order returning policy, where he can turn to, in case of any delays, and where he can file his complaint, in case such action is needed.

Canceling order, return goods or exchange of goods

Referring to 43. paragraph of Consumer protection act – customer can, in 14 days after receiving his order, resign off his contract and return goods with no additional costs. Customer does so in writing to this address Obsession d.o.o., Poljanski nasip 6, 1000 Ljubljana or by sending e-mail to : [email protected]. Customer is not obliged to specify reasons of resigning from his order/contract, but is obliged to return all goods undamaged and in original, packaging with original tags and in original quantity to this address Obsession d.o.o., Dolgi most 14, 1000 Ljubljana.Customer is obliged to return goods in fourteen (14) days after sending his written resign form. Customer must also return original invoice and filled in form for returning goods that came with his order. All costs that occur with returning goods are to be paid by customer.

If delivered items differentiate from ordered ones, provider will replace them free of charge. Items primarily delivered can be returned only in unopened packaging.


If the product appears to be damaged or does not correspond to the features stated in the specifications the buyer has to inform the offerer in 8 days after the arrival of the parcel. If the problem was not evident upon visual inspection (hidden damage) the buyer must inform Obsession d.o.o. in 8 days after the problem was noticed or the buyer’s right to returne the product it is lost.

Obsession d.o.o.does not respond for faults that show more then 6 months from the purchase as well as for damage of ?

The consumer or the buyer must describe the fault more precisely when notifiying Obsession d.o.o. and enable us to examine the product fault.

If the consumer makes report in time the provider can::

  • solve or dismiss the problem on the product
  • refund the money
  • replace the article with others products of our online shop

In any case, the consumer / buyer has the right to demand compensation from the provider for damages, and in particular reimbursement for the costs of materials, replacement products, work, transfer and transportation of products, which arise as a result of fulfilling the obligations from the previous paragraph.

The products have a warranty if it is stated so on the warranty card or on the invoice. The guarantee is valid if the instructions on the guarantee sheet are followed and upon presentation of the invoice. The warranty periods are indicated on the warranty sheets or on the invoice.

Warranty claim address

  • Obsession d.o.o.
    Poljanski nasip 6
    1000 Ljubljana
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: 01 282 20 29
    fax: 01 282 20 27


Products that are ordered until 15:00, will be shipped no later that two working days from order confirmation(if items are in stock). Order confirmation counts as an e-mail sent to customer’s e-mail address.

If provider is unable to fulfill his obligation, in case items ordered are not in stock, he must immediately inform customer of such situation. Ordered items will be shipped with standard post office’s ground delivery service if not differently required by customer. Shipping costs are charged by pricing list of delivery service company.

Provider is not liable for any delays in delivery time made by third parties if ordered items were send in time provider is obliged to send them. Address used for delivery is the one specified by customer in his/her registration form. If, at the time of delivery, there is no body at specified address to pick items up, delivery notice of failed delivery will be left at the same address.

Absolution of responsibility

Online shop www.obsession.si is trying it’s best to provide customers with product information(price, delivery time, product specifications) that is up to date and accurate, but still errors can unwillingly occur. If such situation occurs, provider will inform customer about changes being made and will allow customer to resign from his contract or offer other appropriate solution.

All product photographs are symbolic and do not necessarily represent product’s actual state.

Dispute resolution

Provider will try it’s best to establish fast and efficient dispute resolution system that is in compliance with valid consumer protection legislation.

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